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Journey of Tech Career Guru Started during our graduation from Maharishi Dayanand University in 2013. In a great education environment and Infrastructure.

We realise a basic requirement of a proper mentorship program or mentors is missing for every Technical student to start their career in the ecosystem. Without a mentor there are more than 50 percent of students struggling to start their Tech Career.

Most students try to follow those mates who get some guidance for their career, but this is a big problem for many students, who find that the technology profile they picked under some influence of their classmates is not their cup of tea.

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Who we are

We Started Tech Career Guru to guide students to start their tech career. We understand the requirement for a mentor in the career starting phase. If we put all our efforts in the correct direction, it's easy to achieve our dreams instead of blindly following our friends and classmates. Tech Career Guru provides you experts advice from Industry who have proven their skills with more than 10+ years of experience and successfully deliver multiple projects in more than 15 different domains.

Our Team is already delivering guidance and mentorship to many freshers in industry during their Internship. Our team not only helps you to understand the requirements of Corporate Industry, We also guide you to become a self made developer, which leads you to learn any technology in near future.

We save Tech Students precious time and efforts to start your career With us: You will be able to get direction to put in effort. How much effort you need to put in your technical skills. How you can learn technology, without making mistakes that most students do from any video tutorials. What are the available profiles depending on your interest and skills. Understand the requirements of Corporate from Tech Students. Prepare yourself for Interview.

Problem is the time they realise the mistake is a little late for them. After graduation most students start getting little pressure to support their family. After some time they need to stabilise themselves in any available option for them.

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