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Best Frontend Development Blogs to Follow in 2022

Web development must deal with the reality that there are several websites to learn from all across the internet, and that a large number of people use them for a variety of reasons. Whether you are a junior developer or have been in the profession for years, there is always something new to learn in the sector.

New libraries, technologies, and approaches are always developing, and if you want to remain up to speed on all of these developments, you'll need to join organizations, clubs, and conferences centered on web development. Understanding how web development works is also a terrific method to remain current by reading well-known and high-quality blogs.

In this article, I talk about the 10 blogs I follow and read weekly:

  1. Smashing Magazine
  2. CSS-Tricks
  3. SitePoint
  4. Web Design Ledger
  5. Simple Programmer
  6. David Walsh's Blog
  7. Brad Frost
  8. Paul Irish
  9. Lea Verou's Blog
  10. Alex Sexton


Smashing Magazine


Smashing Magazine is a blog headquartered in Germany that is written in English. And many IT specialists regularly participate. Its readers, however, may be more interested in a news site that publishes articles, books, and tutorials primarily on front-end code (e.g., CSS, HTML, JavaScript, or React), WordPress, and other areas such as UI/UX, mobile development, or Photoshop.

Readers will notice that Smashing Magazine provides different instructions for juniors who wish to learn about CSS layout, JavaScript and its frameworks, or how to develop an accessible and fast site or web app.

Smashing Magazine image




CSS-Tricks contains all the guidelines and advice you need to help you succeed in your job, whether you want to learn about cross-platform development or technologies like Redux.

CSS-Tricks addresses all of the practical aspects of a web developer's profession, such as development tools and how to create accessibility features, among other things.

CSS-Tricks was founded in 2007 by Chris Coyier and initially solely discussed CSS and HTML. However, since the author began working with JavaScript, the site now covers a wide range of JavaScript and framework-related subjects.

CSS-Tricks image




If you're searching for a web development blog that focuses only on development, programming languages, and development tools, SitePoint is an excellent choice. If you choose to follow this web development blog, you will get a monthly report on a new development subject of interest.

You may also sign up for their daily email newsletters, which are themed around the monthly main subject. If you want more than simply reading materials, they also provide exciting ebooks, films, and courses for $6 each month (at the time of writing this article; that may change as it previously was $9).

SitePoint logo


Web Design Ledger


Web Design Ledger is another blog that covers a good combination of web development and general design subjects.

They offer frequent articles with news and advice regarding PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and Node JS, in addition to tutorials and listicles of web development tools.

Web Design Ledger image


Simple Programmer


Simple Programmer is a blog on web development. Not only is the website concerned with professional knowledge in full-stack development terms, but it also assists web developers and even software engineers in seeing everything in the computer world from a slightly different viewpoint. During a coding bootcamp, you may learn how to stay motivated in particular. 

During the quarantine period, you may rediscover the passion of programming or even work from home efficiently. The blog is updated on a regular basis, although the posts are not organized. As a result, finding relevant subjects is difficult.

Simple Programmer image


David Walsh's Blog


David Walsh is a Javascript consultant for Mozilla and the author of a well-known blog on development and software engineering. Blog articles will cover a wide variety of programming subjects, including HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, JavaScript languages, and many more.

David Walsh's Blog


Brad Frost


Brad Frost's blog is more akin to web design material than web development blogs. Nonetheless, it has several quite valuable blogs in the topic of development. It may be a blog on some helpful HTML or a new site design. You will undoubtedly find some inspirational articles.

 He also offers seminars, training, consultancy, frontend designs, web design advice, and partnerships with others to produce web design tools and resources. This blog site is a wonderful resource for remaining on top, especially for front-end developers.

Brad Frost principles


Paul Irish


Paul Irish is a front-end developer at Google Chrome. His web development blog is mainly targeted towards developer tools, and he gives a lot of valuable information on the subject, as he has designed tools that aid enhance developers' workflows.

You may learn a lot from his personal blog, where he routinely publishes web development-related articles on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other subjects.

Paul Irish blog


Lea Verou's Blog


Lea Verou is a web standards expert who writes on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. She is an open source enthusiast who works at MIT CSAIL.

Lea Verou's Blog


Alex Sexton


Alex Sexton's personal blog site covers a wide range of JavaScript-related subjects in a very straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. On his blogs, you may also discover some fresh approaches, tools, and trends that are just waiting to be discovered by aspiring developers. 

He is a front-end infrastructure developer at Stripe and a member of The JavaScript Foundation's jQuery Board of Directors. He likes working on open source projects.

Alex Sexton blog


Final words


The majority of the finest web development blogs on this list are largely concerned with front-end development. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in web dev, you are certain to get stopped sometime along the way while completing a successful project. 

These web development blogs can only provide you ideas for your company website; you must seek the guidance of expert web development professionals who provide full-service client website development for your specific business needs.


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