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Can you use Javascript for Backend Development?

JavaScript can be found anywhere. As one of the core web development languages (together with HTML and CSS), it powers a significant portion of the Internet's webpages.

Yes, backend development can be done using javascript. Backend developers use a kind of JavaScript known as Node.js. The Node.js framework, among other things, enables a developer to manage data updates from the front end and create scalable network applications capable of handling numerous concurrent user requests.

The popularity of Node.js has surely increased the usage of javascript as a backend language, and in order to get started with javascript in the backend, you need to grasp the foundations and general principles of this language.

Learning about nodejs


What is Node.js used for?


JavaScript, as you may be aware, is one of the most popular and widely utilized backend technologies.

JavaScript's use has increased significantly because it speeds up development, making it more time and cost-effective by unifying the codebase. JavaSript is a programming language that has revolutionized web development and has been used by IT professionals worldwide since 1995.

Despite the fact that JavaScript has been around for a long time and has excellent frameworks and libraries, it has never had any backend platforms for hosting applications that could compete with other languages.

We currently have Node.js, which can fix this problem. Node.js is used by many startups and enterprise-level projects for a variety of reasons, which we will discuss later in the article.

Node.js is a kind of software that enables developers to create and execute apps at the same time.

Node.js's main qualities are as follows:

  • It is a framework for servers;
  • It's free and open source;
  • It is appropriate for a variety of platforms.


The following Node.js server processes are performed in the following order:

  • A server is given a job;
  • The server sends the task to the file system;
  • The system is waiting for the request;
  • The system receives the request, and a file is processed and provided to the user.


Node.js frameworks


Some jobs are still difficult to do with Node.js, hence various frameworks have been created to help. The following are some of the most popular Node.js frameworks:

  1. Nest.js - is a powerful Node.js backend framework that is appropriate for offering enterprise-level solutions. It contains a large number of libraries that implement Typescript, Model-View-Presenter (MVP), and integrated Object-Oriented-Programming (OOP), Function-Point (FP), and Functional-Reactive-Programming (FRP) concepts (FRP).
  2. Express.js - is a lightweight, simply built framework with a comprehensive set of HTTP helpers. It is chosen by developers who do not want to go through a long and expensive development procedure. It is also ideal for the creation of APIs, mobile apps, and online applications.
  3. — Its user-friendliness allows it to be used on a variety of devices. It is primarily concerned with bi-directional real-time connectivity. Reconnection, binary, and multiplexing are also supported.


It’s Node.js used in backend development?


In general, the client side is what occurs in your browser. HTML/CSS/Javascript are used to create this. You may check into the scenario regarding alternatives to javascript, but keep in mind that they are not prevalent. The majority of the programming community just accepts that javascript is the sole viable alternative. If nothing else, it's because that's what everyone knows.

Javascript's job on the client side is to modify the page. HTML and CSS just create a static page. Popups, dropdowns, displaying/ updating new info, changing colors... all done in javascript, with a few exceptions in CSS.

There has been a rush of something that has completely taken the IT community by surprise. I'm certain that this whole javascript/ startup issue will define programming for our age in a few decades.

NodeJS, which enables you to execute javascript on the backend, was invented by Ryan Dahl at Joynet and subsequently open sourced. It essentially works by executing it in an environment that embeds it in C++ and using Google's javascript app engine, which also makes it very fast. Many people recommend beginning with this web development technique, which enables you to create anything in javascript. Do whatever you wish, but I highly urge against using this strategy.

Nodejs may be integrated into any program. Most skilled programmers have toyed with it enough to be able to combine 2 and 2 and create what they want by combining their expertise of client side javascript with generic backend understanding. I wouldn't recommend basing a whole company/codebase on that. Not at all, especially as a beginning.

A javascript application's architecture is a shambles. And it will continue to seem like a labyrinth until you really grasp how it works and have seen its growth cycle over a lengthy period of time.

Most products created by ResponsiveDesignStudio are developed using PHP on the backend. Most businesses do not utilize Node.JS. It is used by startups in California, and many others have followed. Most people prefer Python over Javascript since it is considerably simpler to maintain. In addition, Python is more difficult to maintain than C# or Java.




Yes, you can use Javascript for backend development, but it’s not a best practice. The backend of any program is the most important aspect of web development. As a result, developers pay attention to it and use the greatest solutions and technology to ensure that everything runs well.

Node.JS will be required for the backend. Node.js is a compiled version of Google's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.JS is not for general use; rather, it is a platform that addresses a specific requirement. Node truly excels when it comes to designing fast, scalable network applications because it can handle a large number of simultaneous connections with high throughput, which corresponds to great scalability.

But backend development with Node.js is not a new concept and more and more companies hire Node.js developers. Node.js comes with many benefits and it’s suitable for building enterprise and B2C applications.


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