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About Us

Journey of Tech Career Guru

As Mentor

Started during our graduation from Maharishi Dayanand University in 2013. In a great education environment and Infrastructure, We realise a basic requirement of a proper mentorship program or mentors is missing for every Technical student to start their career in the ecosystem. Without a mentor there are more than 50 percent of students struggling to start their Tech Career....

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Tech Career Guru

This is for who

If you want to start a career in software development, but are not clear what is the best option, you have to start your career.
You are looking around to your friends and they somehow decided to start learning x y z technology and you also agree to go with that technology.
After B.tech / BCA / MCA or want to switch your career in software development, but you just heard about some top notch technology names like JAVA, SAS, Dot Net, MEAN, MERN but you are not sure which is your cup of tea.
You tried to contact your teacher, family member, friend of friend but none of them have a proper technical background and they just mentioned you have to take coaching classes for any technology which they just heard, then you need to connect with us.
We will understand your Abilities, current skills, Interest then we will guide you the path you need to choose to achieve your dreams and land you on your Job.

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Tech Career Guru

How you start

If you are here and start your career with proper guidance, which will lead you toward putting your efforts in the right direction.
You can get the mentorship and guidance for your career with personal interaction. To make the process hassle free and quickly accessible you can register yourself for the Mentorship program, this will give you access to coordinate with our team members to discuss all your questions and get mentorship for your career guidance.

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Why Tech Career Guru

Why Tech Career Guru?

  • What We Do

    Our Services

    We offer services required for every student or candidate for career guidence in software development. Our main goal is student sucesful career, which we obtain with our Experienced team knowledge & guidence for students.

  • Tech Career Guru Camera Tech Career Guru Service

    Career Guidance

    Starts from $7 $00

    Our Experienced Experts help you to understand the best job profiles based on your skills and career growth.

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  • Tech Career Guru Web Tech Career Guru Service

    Technical Mentorship

    Starts from $28 $00

    Technical Mentors help you to choose technology on the basis of your interview and guide you to build your technical skills.

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  • Tech Career Guru Pen Tech Career Guru Service

    Personal Development

    Starts from $15 $00

    Personality plays a 50 percent role in your career, Personal Development gives you confidence and PD team guides you for your personality development steps.

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  • Tech Career Guru User Tech Career Guru Service

    Prepare for Interview

    Starts from $28 $00

    Interview is the only section for the employer to judge you, no one wants to make any mistake in the interview. The TCG team helps you to understand which mistakes you need to avoid during your interview.

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  • Internship / Career Guide Seminar / Webinar

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